How to trade your heroes on marketplace


Hi Orbifam,

  • Trading heroes on the marketplace is one of the latest features Orbitau has brought to users to make it easier to build their dream teams.

  • Please note that:

    • All of the stats and skills of the heroes traded will remain unchanged.

    • The hero transaction fee on marketplace will be 5.25% of the transaction value.

But first, let’s learn how to trade step by step.

  • If you would like to put your heroes on sale, you need to:

    - Step 1: Withdraw your heroes at Orbitau - Game, click on “Withdraw” in the Hero section, then confirm with your Metamask wallet.

B1 (3).png

- Step 2: Go to Inventory to list your heroes on the marketplace at Orbitau - Inventory.

b2 (2).png

- Step 3: Choose the tab “Hero”, choose the heroes to list, set the price then click “Approve” and confirm with your Metamask wallet.

b3 (4).png

b4 (2).png

  • If you are looking for a suitable hero to complete your battling squad, just follow these steps:

    - Step 1: Go to Orbitau - Marketplace, choose the tab Hero then select the hero you want to acquire.

image_2022-07-26_10-16-00 copy.png

- Step 2: Check the price, stats and skills of the hero carefully before clicking “Buy”, then confirm with your Metamask.


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