• In Orbitau, players can boost their attack potential by equipping heroes with passive skills. Passive skills combined wisely and reasonably will make winning easier.


  • Following a period of active community use, Orbitau announced that more passive skills would be released in the next update, including:

1. Earth

Crushing Blow: This skill allows the hero to instantly stun its opponent.

2. Ember

Flame Nova: Can be used to burn enemies.

3. Forest

Whip of Forest : causes bleeding and damage proportionally to the hero's attack power.

4. Ocean

Aqua Frenzy: The opponent may be frozen and slowed down when being attacked by this skill.

  • Review your heroes in your formation and choose the suitable passive skills to boost up the fighting potential!

And don't forget, PvP Ranking events are still going on until 11:59 PM UTC 14 Sep 2022 and learning more skills could contribute to your performance improvement!

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