Hi Orbifam,

First of all, Orbitau team would love to use this opportunity to appreciate to all of you, who have shared the path with us since the very first days.

Within the time of operation, Orbitau has created a number of development steps and multiple versions have been released, accompanied by a series of events and minigames to motivate gamers and build a stronger GameFi community. From the first testnet version to the subsequent updates, all your contributions have been recognized and the developing team has tried to integrate it into the game to bring you the top unique experience.

However, due to the unsatisfactory movements of the volatile crypto market in recent times and the fact that the crypto winter is expected to last longer, the drop in investment value for gamers is obvious.

  • Therefore, after a lot of reconsideration, the core team has come to a decision:

Ann-Play-and-Earn (4).png

  1. From 06:00 AM UTC 7th Nov 2022, Orbitau will be changed from Play to Earn to Play and Earn.

  2. Appreciation gift: for every hero owned, we will send you a 0.5USDT cash gift. The registration portal will be opened 06:00 AM UTC 7th Nov 2022 at "Registration portal"

  3. Play And Earn: Orbitau will add $20,000 into the liquidity pool within a month from 06:00 AM UTC 7th Nov 2022 to 06:00 AM UTC 7th Dec 2022 so the players can still continue to play and earn from this pool. We would not close the server until the last user leaves.

  • The current in-game events will be running as usual: PvP Ranking once per month (opening on the 1st day of the month and closing on the last day of the month) and World Boss reward will be finalized weekly.

This is a very difficult decision for the Orbitau team because we have been together from the beginning and gone a lot of steps in making great achievements in the Gamefi industry.

Orbitau hopes this is just a temporary farewell and when the market turns better, we will be able to bring Orbitau back to you and continue on the journey to becoming an attractive Play to Earn game as the founding team have stated initially.

Good bye and see you again.


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