PvP Ranking Season 2 officially begins


Hi Orbifam,

  • We will start the next PvP Ranking season this weekend.

  • Time: from 12AM UTC 16 Sep to 12AM UTC 07 Oct 2022, with a great reward pool.


  • To increase the users’ advantage in combating, we will also introduce the latest 2 passive skills from 6AM UTC 15 Sep 2022 as below:


- Ore - Sharp Strike: Attacks have a probability to reduce the enemy's defense by such proportion for turns.

- Ember - Blood Rage: When the Hero critically strikes, the attack power will increase by particular percentages for turns.

We hope that our effort to bring more tools for your heroes would contribute to the next amazing battling strategies in PvP Ranking Season 2.


  • Beside the arena, we will host the Top Leaderboard PvP Ranking Season 2 event to motivate our gamers as below:

    - Rules: Each gamer is required to participate in at least 70% of the total matches in the PvP arena period. (We only count the free matches, not the extra ones).

- Time: 12AM UTC 16 Sep - 12AM UTC 07 Oct 2022.

- Reward:


Note: we have completely reset the PvP game mode. Therefore, the users can withdraw and/or trade their heroes on the Marketplace until the PvP Ranking Season 2 starts.

Good luck, Orbifam!

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