Having tested and honed the new PvP mode in multiple beta versions, our team have received valuable experience which allows us to develop a fair, more balanced PvP system for players. Consequently, we are about to launch the PvP Ranking - Official version arena in August 2022.


General rules of the competition are as below:

  • Registration fee of 5000 ORI per account paid before joining

  • Every day, each player will receive 10 ticket.

  • After the free tickets are used up, each player can buy up to 5 extra tickets to improve their performance with the price of: 200 ORI/ 300 ORI/ 400 ORI/ 500 ORI/ 600 ORI respectively.

  • Each turn to find an opponent, the system will choose 3 random opponents. Completing the 03 matches, the player can use the ticket to search for the next opponents.

- In case of changing the opponents before finishing the 03 matches, the player will need to pay 500 ORI for each new search.

Please bear in mind the critical dates of the competition:

  • The registration portal opens on 23 Aug 2022.

  • The competing matches will take place from 24 Aug.

  • All prizes will be aggregated and distributed within 1 day after the competition ends.


Score guide for PvP ranking:

  • Each participant will start with 1000 points.

  • Each time of attacking and winning, the player will be added more points corresponding to the opponent's level, i.e. the higher the rank, the more bonus points. Conversely, if the attack turn is unsuccessful, the player's score will be deducted corresponding to the level difference with the opponent.

  • Unlike previous PvP versions, this time the battling results of the defending team also contributes to the player's final score, although the score contribution of defending is less than the one of attacking the competitors.

Note: In a match, a player has 30 turns to defeat the opponent. If not, the player is considered as losing.


The arena will bring participants a huge prize pool of:

  • 1.4 million ORI from Orbitau as the initial prize fund.

  • After the competition begins, 80% of the ORI received from the registration fee, additional ticket fee or searching fee will be added to the prize pool.

  • All of the prize pool will be distributed to the participants, based on the scores and ranks at the arena finale.

We hope that the article would give you detailed information about the upcoming competition. Get ready to join us!

Good luck!

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